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Family walking and skipping rocks in shallow creek by Bountiful Eye Photography in Missouri.


Carrie Watson and family posing on rocks at a creek by Bountiful Eye Photography in Missouri.

First off, I'm a mom and wife to some pretty awesome people and my time with them is cherished. I have a bachelors in photography, an associates in graphic design and a strong work ethic that rarely lets me sit still for too long. 

I've been in the professional portrait business for about 15 years and have been blessed with some wonderful experiences and clients. I am so thankful for each and every one of them! This season of my life has brought on some new adventures and I am very much enjoying the ride. Every meeting with a client is like a new challenge that I get to face head on, and that's what makes my heart sing! 

I want to help you look your best. That's it. The time I've spent as a portrait photographer has led me to contemplate how people view themselves and what they find attractive. Pair that with 15 years of marketing my own business, learning what entices clients to take action. Those experiences led me to helping small businesses find their best visual image. I help business owners view their 'labor of love' as the general public sees it. Then I take it to the next level, upping their visual appeal and hopefully their bottom line as a result.

Carrie Watson


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