The Perfect Color Match

I'm so glad you are here! Let's get you the perfect color match and a makeup routine that you can fall in love with. You are going to be in the best love affair of your lifetime!

There are lots of great topics here but the most important is the selfie you upload at the bottom of the page. No worries, it is super easy to get the perfect photo. I'll walk you through each step! 


Here are some instructions for getting the perfect photo(s) for me to color match you from:

1. Remove ALL makeup and wait at least 10 minutes after washing to reduce the risk of enhanced redness in your photo.
2. Wear a shirt that I can see your collar bones in, or pull your shirt down to them before taking photo. (This helps me see your all over tonal scale for a super natural match.)
3. Walk up to a window that faces north or does not have harsh/direct sunlight. 
4. Fully Face window and stand far enough away to be able to just touch it with your finger tips. 
5. Make sure you are FULLY facing the window so no shadows are present on your face.
6. Hold your phone at face level and tap your nose on the screen to ensure correct exposure. 
7. Take photo and attach it below. 

** Some more tips to remember: Turn off all other lights in room. Look for shadows on your face... If you see any, try another window. 
*** You may want to repeat this at other windows in the room/home and pick the photos you feel best represent your skin tone. You can submit up to 3 photos.
**** If you are using a Samsung phone, please make sure your selfie mode is OFF. 
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Thank you for spending your precious time with me today! Your own custom color combinations are almost ready. I can't wait to get you color matched so be on the lookout for that bit of joy in your email inbox!

Carrie Watson

Get ready for that little bit of JOY!

Thank you for submitting a request for your custom color match, made just for you. Your new confidence routine will be coming to you soon!


Carrie Watson

Photo Finish By Carrie


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